About us

Rooted Moon International Theatre and Arts festival.

Rooted moon had its debut in 2015. A group of trained actors and theatre makers from the prestigious British institution “East 15 Acting School” transformed an area of historical value into an artistically stimulating space, which became the base for several theatre companies and performers of various specialities.

From that year on, we have been giving artists the opportunity to perform on an international platform, attempting to break the language barriers between different nationalities, and revealing that theatre and art can be used as a worldwide language to educate, inform and entertain

The festival is a hub of various practices, and aims to introduce the spectators to new forms of entertainment; merging together various disciplines and bringing the city to life.

We are so passionate about this project, and after a response that exceeded all expectations, we are aiming for another fantastic year in 2018!


Working with the Community

Offering opportunity to local youth and established artists.

Our aim, as trained theatre makers, is to introduce the various age groups to a general theatre making skill set, enabling them to learn through working with a physical approach to theatre, beating the language barriers between them and their workshop leaders; helping them to build confidence by developing their personal skills.